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Urumada was founded in 1990 and it has been producing food and beverage products since the fall of 1991. It is located in Urmia (North West of Iran) that enjoys cold and humid climate as well as fantastically fertile soil. Urumada has a vast area of approximately more than 45000 m2 with five large production halls, four wide storage halls, one large cold store in addition to five vast halls, one advanced chemical laboratory and one administrative building for staff. We produce several types of food products and beverages through professional  machines.

The aim of this company has been producing food and beverage products with great consideration over customer demands as well as exporting the products, trying to compete at an international level, meeting up the universal quality assurance policy.

مدیر عامل و بنیانگذار صنایع غذایی اروم آدا

Popular products

                                                                                                    The most popular UrumAda products in the market


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omelette conserve
omelette conserve is ready in less than 2 minutes
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tomato paste
UrumAda tomato paste made from the best Urumia tomatoes
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grape leaf conserve
Prepared from the delicate leaves of Urmia vineyards
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UrumAda compotes are prepared from the highest quality fruits
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UrumAda company has obtained the following licenses for quality management as well as health and safety of its products
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international certificate (FDA)Food and Drug Administration

From FDA Registrar Corp

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Obtaining the international halal mark

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ISO 9001 standard certificate version 2000

From TUV NORD, one of the most reliable quality management certification authorities

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